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Goodwill vehicle program

<a title="Goodwill vehicle program" href="http://vps.remmont.com/goodwill-vehicle-program/">Goodwill vehicle program</a>-<a title="Goodwill vehicle program" href="http://vps.remmont.com/goodwill-vehicle-program/">Goodwill vehicle program</a>
Goodwill vehicle program-About company GOODWILL HOLDING The Company Goodwill Holding was founded in Saint – Petersburg in 1992.We have developed the following major operations: sales of trucks and special equipment,

About company


The Company Goodwill Holding was founded in Saint – Petersburg in 1992.We have developed the following major operations: sales of trucks and special equipment, repairs, service, and delivery of spare parts for trucks manufactured in the USA.

The company GOODWIILL is considered to be the major supplier of American trucks in Russia
We have the largest supply of spare parts for American trucks in Russia (more than 9000 items in stock), a full computer base for all trucks manufactured by International and Freightliner, complete computer diagnostic systems for all types of engines fixed on these trucks including Cummins, Caterpillar and Detroit Diesel.

Sale of trucks.

Goodwill Holding initiated American trucks sales back in 1997. We currently offer about 150 trucks for sale in our Pushkin yard outside of Saint-Petersburg.
In 2007 we became the distributor for the company International truck and Engine Corp. A year later we became the distributor of Witzco Challenger Trailers. Witzco manufactures semi-trailers for the delivery of bulky goods and special equipment.
All trucks offered for sale pass fault detection prior to being offered for sale in our service center. We only sell trucks in running order and offer a 6 months guarantee for repair work on the vehicle sold.
Goodwill offers more than just trucks from the USA . We offer reefers, container trucks, dump trucks, as well as semi -trailers for the delivery of bulky goods etc.
The company Goodwill Holding also sells new chassis that are manufactured by our company. The specifications of such chassis are produced according to customers’ wishes. It is also possible for us to deliver the vehicle that you are interested in to your location.
We offer a flexible discount system based on the quantity of vehicles purchased. Sales and special offers run on a regular basis for different trucks and semi-trailers.

Sale of spare parts.

The spare parts department of Goodwill Holding for American trucks is the largest and dynamically developing department of Goodwill Holding. Currently, we have the biggest warehouse of spare parts for American trucks in Russia including more than 9000 items of spare parts available with the range of spare parts growing. The department staff includes 25 highly qualified employees with the majority working in the company for several years. We have strong relations with all the different regions of our country. We reach these regions with our vast network of dealers.
If we do not have your particular spare parts requirement on hand, one of our qualified managers will use catalogues and computer databases to determine their code and will inform you concerning the price and the terms of the delivery. Besides new parts, we also have our own disassembly operation of trucks that allows us to offer used spare parts.
We have a sophisticated computer system that allows us unmistakably define by VIN numbers and models the spare parts that are necessary for the truck requiring service.
Our company offers you the service of fast delivery of spare parts from the USA. Thus, if the spare part is absent at the moment (though our warehouse of spare parts for American trucks is the biggest in Russia) and you don’t have time to wait for re-stocking, you can use our express delivery service. The time frame of such express-delivery is from 10 days to 3 weeks.

Service center.

Our company has the experience of repairing International and Freightliner trucks of all models and trailers manufactured in the USA. We render all types of repair service including repair of engines, transmissions, reduction gears, and suspensions. The adequate range of spare parts and materials in the warehouse as well as the availability of the necessary equipment will help you to use your vehicle again in the shortest time.
List of services:
Diagnostics for big and small engine repairs (only for the trucks with CUMMINS, DETROIT DIESEL, CATERPILLAR engine)

We offer you the engine’s computer diagnostics (CUMMINS, DETROIT DIESEL, CATERPILLAR) that will help you not only to define the problem but it will also allow you to know the following:

  • true run of the truck
  • average fuel consumption
  • engine power and the speed at which it is reached
  • pressure of supercharge
  • critical characteristics of an engine (t of cool liquid, t of oil, range of speed, pressure of oil)
  • general operating time of an engine and fuel consumption
  • To carry out the test defining working capacity of injector in % from norm
  • Operation time of injectors (only Detroit Diesel)

We have also the possibility to introduce the modifications in specifications that define the work of the engine.
A complete diagnostic analysis of the truck allows us to receive the qualified state value of a truck accompanied by the recommendations concerning the necessary repairs and replacement of knots and units.
Timely service and repair will help you to avoid the further destruction of problems and increasing the ultimate price for the repairs, idle time of the vehicle, and crashes directly related to non service.
We opened in August 2005 the new section for repairs and diagnostics of engines DD,CAT, CUM. This service section can contain up to 10 trucks with different repair needs. We are able to carry diagnostics under the working engine without any fear of exhaust gases due to the special ventilation. With the help of isolated miniature crane equipment, we can remove the most heavy aggregates. This section is warm, well-illuminated, along with a nice floor. All these things help to make the section comfortable for both clients and employees.

Our certified mechanics are also trained for working with the special program for engines (DD, CAT and CUM). They can handle vehicle repairs of any complexity all the way to major repairs. You can change injectors that are out of order to the new ones and check its functioning on site. It is possible also to remove fault codes and change engine’s characteristics.. Certified specialists will also help to solve the problems with electricity.
Since the new section has been opened, additional sections exist for repairs of trucks. Our qualified employees can repair suspensions, fault detections, and the full overhaul of transmissions including autoshift. We also can deal with fault detection and the full overhaul of the wide range of gears. All repair work is conducted under the control of a master (foreman) who has vast experience working with American vehicles. Our employees are ready to share their knowledge and experience.

Office hours:

Sale of trucks: 09:30- 18:00
Service center and department of spare parts: 09:00- 21:00 everyday (besides holiday days)

Our address:

Address: Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Pushkin, str. Avtomobilnaya, h4
Tel.: +7 (812) 322-65-00 (multichannel)+7-800-333-BEST( 2378) (for Russia free)
Fax: +7 (812) 324-5246
E-mail: goodwill@infopro.spb.su

Sale of spare parts in Moscow:

Address: Moscow region, Leninskiy region, c/h im. Lenina, Kashirskoe sh., h.2 ( 1,5 km from MKAD in the direction of Domodedovo)
Tel.:+7-495-514-6789 , +7-901-518-38-38
Working hours: 09:00- 18:00 (Monday-Friday)


Goodwill vehicle program

SOURCE: http://en.truck.ru/About_company/

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