Mar 22 2020

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1 dollar web hosting

Online HTML Tools

Hey! Here’s a list of online tools for generating html code and modifying text or content. The tools are mainly organized around two areas: html tools and text tools.

The full list of available online tools is just below with the HTML oriented tools listed at the top. They’re all completely free to use online tools. They should work perfectly on most modern computers and mobile devices.

Hopefully you find a tool that can help you out.

HTML Code Generators

  • HTML Table Generator
    (Very handy if you’re in a rush)
  • HTML List Generator
  • Generate HTML Text Online
  • Javascript Pop-up Window Maker
  • Email HTML Code

HTML Compression

  • Compress HTML Code
  • Uncompress HTML Code
    (Make the code readable again)

HTML Conversion

  • Remove HTML Tags from a String
    (Extract text content easily!)
  • Convert a Word Doc to HTML
  • Convert Plain Text to HTML
  • Convert HTML to Text: Change HTML to plain text.
  • Convert URLs to HTML Links
  • Convert CSV Text to HTML Table

Encoding Tools

  • HTML Character Encoding Tool
    (For publishing in non-English languages)
  • Encode URL

Text Changing

  • Alphabetize Text
  • Alphabetical Order Tool
    (Revised version – I like this one better)
  • Remove Line Breaks from Text
    (This one is very popular)
  • Word Frequency Counter
    (Good for SEO type stuff)
  • Random Word Generator
    (Great brainstorming tool)

Number Generating Tools

Tools People Rarely Use

  • Capitalize the First letter of Sentences
    This works like a charm if you need it.
  • Remove Whitespaces
  • Uppercase Text or Lowercase Text

If you have any ideas for tools that I should make that would be helpful to people then send me an email and I’ll see what I can do. No promises though 😉

1 dollar web hosting

1 dollar web hosting

1 dollar web hosting

Online HTML tools for converting, changing and modifying text and html code.
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