Mar 21 2020

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Cheap Website Promotion & SEO Ranking Tips

Auto industry got you down? Sales a little slow? Not a huge marketing budget? You can still promote your company, services and products for very little money. How?

Time. Get listed again, and again, and again in Google.

Google Google Google. While a majority of your traffic probably does come from Google it is not the only place that you should be focusing your marketing efforts on. Clients ask us all the time about ways to help drive traffic to your website, and help you with SEO at the same time. Not every company or individual can afford to spend thousands of dollars each month on advertising. So you need to find some useful cost-effective ways to promote.

I have compiled a running list and figured it was a good “tip sheet” to offer our readers.

Social Bookmarking
These can be great for getting links and direct traffic. Use Digg, Mixx, StumbleUpon, Sphinn or search for one with your industry.

Social Networking
Yep, they can help you more with viability and networking, and sometime can help with back links for SEO as well. Most times they are good for direct traffic.

Forum Participation
Know your industry? Go out and find some forums where you can participate in the discussion and become involved. Be genuine, and help build your authority by not going all-out salesman on the discussions.

Start a blog. Talk about what you know. Respond to comments. Get out there and converse with others that are in your industry, or those who talk about the same topics or areas as you do. Comment, engage in conversation. If the blog has DoFollow on the comment posts for your name even better.

Link Generously
If you are blogging, commenting or participating in forums, bookmarking or engaging a group in a social network show value and link to useful sites, articles, posts and discussions. Give back what you take. Share.

Even a small budget of $100 a month can bring you in some nice traffic. Target and engage those visitors.

Email Marketing
This can be an art within itself, however there are a lot of free services such as IContact or Constant Contact.

Directory Listings
There are a ton of niche directories out there. I recommend listing with Yahoo! for the $299 a year, Business.com and Best of the Web (BOTW) for small fees. DMOZ listings are great as well. These are highly visible and respected and a link from them helps to boost your link popularity for your site.

Yahoo! Groups
I’ve experienced some long-term success building communities through email discussion groups. Start your own and if you can commit the time become a moderator.

Press Releases
Your business always has news. It may not be the “breaking news” worthy of the NY Times front page, however can help to add content to your website, and when distributed online provide useful backlinks that help rankings.

Go get a FlipVideo camera online or at Best Buy. They are so fast and easy to use and publish. Do a Video release each month, speak to your customers- show the real side of your business, products and services. Publish those to a YouTube or MySpace account, optimize and then pull in and place on your site.

Chamber of Commerce, TweetUps, MeetUps, associations and groups. They are all good for networking, new business and ideas.

Micro blogging is all the rage right now. Start to use Twitter and see how it can become a part of your business for sales and promotions. Start slow and give value to your followers.

Create one and release it. There are free widget services and applications out there to use. If not they can be low cost. MyBlogLog has a widget and I have found it to really drive some good traffic to one of my other sites.

I find it hard to participate in them most of the time, however if you go at them long-term they can provide some great traffic and links.

Blog Carnivals
I have not yet seen much traffic come from these but they are great beginning steps for newbies.

I have some customers that have gotten some great traffic from Craigslist. It’s just traffic, but traffic that converts. Be careful though not to spam and look like a free traffic whore.

Give away some service package. Give away a TV. Collect users information and re-market to them in the future.

Article Marketing
If you are an expert in your field and can write, create some articles, bet of the _______, top 10 mistakes, etc. Submit them to article sites online and make sure to place your information in the footer of the article.

Email Signatures

Soooo important. Never know how many times or who these get forwarded to.

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Posted by Lyndsay Babl

Thank you thank you for these tips and reminders. Many of these things I already knew but it’s nice to see them in this compiled and well-thought out list.

Posted on May 19, 2009 at 2:18 pm

Posted by 8 Ways To Advertise Your Business on The Cheap

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Cheap website

Cheap website

Cheap website

Clients ask us about ways to help drive traffic to their website and SEO at the same time. Learn how to promote your website on a budget.
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